Craniosacral For Babies and Children


Childbirth is miraculous, but it can also be a challenge for both mum and baby. From newborns whose systems have become a little misaligned after 9 months in the womb, to a challenging birth process, there are numerous possible factors that can cause potential long-term effects for a child.

Since our craniosacral system directly impacts on the central nervous system, any imbalances and tensions in this systemcan cause any number of sensory, motor or neurological challenges. In fact, research strongly suggests that the birth process can be responsible for many brain and central nervous system dysfunctions. CranioSacral Therapy not only soothes and comforts your baby, but can help to correct these restrictions, so baby can more easily release the trauma of being born. 

 Carried out early in life, treatment could potentially reduce the impact of a wide variety of difficulties or challenges. Many parents report that newborns and young children are more settled and relaxed after sessions. 

Older children respond positively also, and It can be helpful with managing ASD, ADHD and other sensory processing disorders. It can also be beneficial for teenagers who are anxious and struggling to cope with adolescent emotions, hormone changes and exam pressure. New mums can also benefit from treatment to help them to recover and recuperate after childbirth. 

What can I expect from a session?

Working with babies and children can bring a degree of unpredictability. My prime focus is for the baby or child to be comfortable with receiving a treatment. Sessions with babies can often be done with mum feeding or cuddling her baby or walking round with baby on her shoulder. Treatment sessions are relaxed and informal with plenty of toys and playing. Young children are certainly not expected to lie still and silent on the couch and can often be treated on the floor whilst they play. For older children, mum and dad can stay in the room whilst their child is being treated. 

 Children generally respond very quickly to the work as their systems still retain a degree of flexibility. Sessions may therefore last between 15 minutes and 45 minutes, depending on the age of the child, their co-operation and the needs of their body.

 No matter how old your child is, Craniosacral Therapy can help their central nervous system have fewer restrictions and grow more fully in its potential.