Your Treatment

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What can I expect from a session?


Before your first session, a consultation will be taken to ensure I am fully aware of the reason for your visit. This is then followed by a treatment session which can last up to an hour. You remain fully clothed and relax on a comfortable treatment table. I will begin the treatment with an evaluation of the craniosacral system, gently listening with my hands to different parts of the body to locate areas of restriction, in body tissues or fluid motion and begin to trace their origin. 

Delicate, precise techniques and hand positions are then used to release restrictions.

While many techniques are carried out from the head and/or lower back (cranium and sacrum), I may also work on other parts of the body. Sometimes, the places we experience ‘symptoms’ are not where the root of the problem is, as our bodies can be very clever in how they adapt to stresses and strains. An important part of the approach isthat a person’s body knows exactly what it needs to do to straighten itself out, and my job is to listen and help your body to self-correct. 

Your experience from a treatment is highly individual and often changes every time. Typically, people report feelings of warmth, softening, pulsing or gentle movement in the areas I am working on and generally they feel deeply relaxed. 

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How will I feel after a treatment?

Afterwards you may feel very energised, or you may feel tired and want to rest. It is dependant on your own body the way it responds to what has changed. It is advisable to leave some quiet time after your treatment before you go back into your day. 

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How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is unique, so the number of sessions required istherefore very individual. It really depends on your condition, and how long you have had it. Relief can occur after a couple of sessions, but long-standing conditions may require more treatments. My goal is to empower you rather than make you dependent on treatments. 

If you feel craniosacral therapy could help you, or you are just curious about the treatment, then please do get in touch.