Sue, Prestwood

I have visited Heather several times in recent months for CranoiSacral Therapy. I initially went with lower back pain, which had persisted for over a year and for which I had tried different approaches to treatment. I am astonished at how much better my back felt after only two or three treatments. It hardly bothers me now. Heather has also worked on my head following an episode of vertigo. She has integrated some SomatoEmotional techniques into her work with me, which I have found fascinating. I have a significantly increased sense of mental clarity and wellbeing since having this treatment. I have found Heather to be professional, welcoming and extremely good at what she offers.

Issy, South Heath

A month after a severe hit on the head resulting in concussion I was having blinding headaches and medication did not touch them. All scans and tests in hospital came back as negative however the headache wasn’t going away. I went to Heather to have cranial sacral therapy which was amazing! After two sessions the headache completely disappeared and I felt so much better and well balanced across my body as a whole. It’s a really gentle therapy and I would strongly recommend.

Christine, Great Missenden

Originally, I went to see Heather for a massage treatment five years ago, suffering from shoulder tension and headaches.  When she discovered I had been suffering from IBS symptoms for almost three years she suggested that I try Craniosacral Therapy.  After a few months my symptoms had mostly disappeared with the odd reoccurrence.  Heather is very professional and intuitive as a therapist.  She will always locate areas that need attention. I no longer have any IBS symptoms but I do continue to see Heather every few weeks for a “maintenance” treatment.   I find the sessions incredibly beneficial and they often release tensions in my body that I have not been aware of myself.

Carol, Prestwood

I visited Heather at a stressful time in my life.  I had several sessions of cranial sacral therapy. Heather quickly picked up on the areas to concentrate on.  I had great confidence in her approach and soon felt the stress and tension lift, which was a great relief.  She is an experienced and dedicated therapist who takes a personal interest in her clients.

Liz, Wendover

“Craniosacral therapy is a little known and yet powerful therapy. Heather has a purpose-built lodge in her garden which is like a little sanctuary.  It’s totally non-invasive, you can leave your cares at the door and lie down, fully clothed and rest as Heather ‘reads’ and helps you rebalance your body.  You might talk, you might not, you might even sleep – it’s wonderfully relaxing.  Like the breath has its own rhythm, so does the craniosacral system.  And just like an acupuncturist can release blockages of Qi to restore the body’s natural balance and ability to heal, a craniosacral therapist can release blockages that affect the central nervous system.  It is extraordinarily good for migraine and musculoskeletal pain.  I have also heard it called ‘psychotherapy for the body’ and I can attest that it’s wonderful for relieving stress and working through trauma. 

I’m a complementary therapist myself but after surviving bacterial meningococcal septicaemia (meningitis), I suffered with years of debilitating migraines, back pain and PTSD.  Nothing phased Heather, who listened with compassion and just worked with what my body was presenting, resulting in both instant relief and an ongoing process of healing on a very deep level.  She is very supportive of a multi-faceted approach to healing and takes a great interest in what your doctor and other health professionals are doing to help your condition, all working as a team to help restore you to health.  

I am deeply grateful to Heather and cannot recommend her and craniosacral therapy to you enough.”

Nimah, Prestwood

Heather did such an amazing job with my 6 yea- old. He really struggles with anxiety and new situations, but she put him at ease, made him feel safe and engaged with him. He was very happy to come to the sessions.We also saw a significant positive impact on his ability to relax, an improved digestive system, and better sleep. I would highly recommend Heather to any parent whose child needs a bit of support with anxiety and calming down.

Heather was also recommended to me as someone who might be able to help with a sore knee. There was no particular reason for it to hurt, but it did, often. One CST session with Heather did the trick. It is such a relaxing and calming environment to be in anyway, and the added bonus was I came away pain free. Thank you for your kindness, and the fas,tprofessional treatment. I cannot recommend Heather highly enough and am glad she was recommended to me.

Ruth, Wendover

Heather is my craniosacral therapist and as such she has given me relief, comfort, and ease of movement. She has the ability to adapt her skills to the individual’s needs. I have scoliosis. Whatever your problem is you will find comfort and a sense of well-being at the cabin.”