Nimah, Prestwood

Heather did such an amazing job with my 6 yea- old. He really struggles with anxiety and new situations, but she put him at ease, made him feel safe and engaged with him. He was very happy to come to the sessions.We also saw a significant positive impact on his ability to relax, an improved digestive system, and better sleep. I would highly recommend Heather to any parent whose child needs a bit of support with anxiety and calming down.

Heather was also recommended to me as someone who might be able to help with a sore knee. There was no particular reason for it to hurt, but it did, often. One CST session with Heather did the trick. It is such a relaxing and calming environment to be in anyway, and the added bonus was I came away pain free. Thank you for your kindness, and the fas,tprofessional treatment. I cannot recommend Heather highly enough and am glad she was recommended to me.