Liz, Wendover

“Craniosacral therapy is a little known and yet powerful therapy. Heather has a purpose-built lodge in her garden which is like a little sanctuary.  It’s totally non-invasive, you can leave your cares at the door and lie down, fully clothed and rest as Heather ‘reads’ and helps you rebalance your body.  You might talk, you might not, you might even sleep – it’s wonderfully relaxing.  Like the breath has its own rhythm, so does the craniosacral system.  And just like an acupuncturist can release blockages of Qi to restore the body’s natural balance and ability to heal, a craniosacral therapist can release blockages that affect the central nervous system.  It is extraordinarily good for migraine and musculoskeletal pain.  I have also heard it called ‘psychotherapy for the body’ and I can attest that it’s wonderful for relieving stress and working through trauma. 

I’m a complementary therapist myself but after surviving bacterial meningococcal septicaemia (meningitis), I suffered with years of debilitating migraines, back pain and PTSD.  Nothing phased Heather, who listened with compassion and just worked with what my body was presenting, resulting in both instant relief and an ongoing process of healing on a very deep level.  She is very supportive of a multi-faceted approach to healing and takes a great interest in what your doctor and other health professionals are doing to help your condition, all working as a team to help restore you to health.  

I am deeply grateful to Heather and cannot recommend her and craniosacral therapy to you enough.”